Why humans run the world

A brief History of Human Kind, by Yuval Noah Harari

The real difference between humans and all other animals is not on the individual level; it’s on the collective level. Humans control the planet because they are the only animals that can cooperate both flexibly and in very large numbers.

Discover Your Personal Productivity Style

Discovering your personal productivity style is the key aspect of making yourself more valuable to your team. But “You shouldn’t worry if you find yourself spanning two or more styles.

Where joy hides and how to find it

Each moment of joy is small, but over time, they add up to more than the sum of their parts. And so maybe instead of chasing after happiness, what we should be doing is embracing joy and finding ways to put ourselves in the path of it more often. Deep within us, we all have this impulse to seek out joy in our surroundings. And we have it for a reason. Joy isn’t some superfluous extra. It’s directly connected to our fundamental instinct for survival. On the most basic level, the drive toward joy is the drive toward life.

The brain in love

Why do we crave love so much, even to the point that we would die for it?



One second every day

There are so many tiny, beautiful, funny, tragic moments in your life, how are you going to remember them all?
I encourage you all to record just a small snippet of your life every day, so you can never forget that that day, you lived.