Only You

We traveled rough to get ourselves here
Now laughter dries the tears we cried
Through the good times and the bad, my dear
We suffered for each other’s crime
I placed the love you gave me closer to my heart
You took the songs I sang to you, alone in the dark
Only you is all I need
Only you know where to go to get to me
Only you can break me free

Jack Savoretti – Only You

I’m yours

Now I really get what love is for


From the new album “Sleep no more”
Jack describes the album as a “love letter to my wife” and provides some insight into the album’s title: “The whole point of this album is that it’s about the stuff that keeps you up at night”

Jack Savoretti – I’m Yours


Wishing all an HAPPY day!

Of the life of a vagabond, searching for a fool’s gold
With the eyes of a gypsy, and the life of a rebel’s soul
Sing the words to a love song, searching for a heart of gold
And the life of a vagabond is an endless road

Jack Savoretti – Vagabond

Lovely Fool

In the silence of your mind
You should ask yourself
What it is that makes you who you are
In the valley of your soul
You should take a walk

No silêncio da sua mente
Você pergunta a si mesmo
O que é que o faz ser quem é
No vale de sua alma
Você deve fazer uma caminhada

Jack Savoretti – Lovely Fool