For The Beauty

Just to feel, to love, to live, to try, to feel, to live, to love, to try

Tindersticks – For The Beauty

I’ll Stand By You

I’ll stand by you always, always, always

Bruce Springsteen – I’ll Stand By You

Keeping Me Alive

Makin’ my beatin’ heart a little stronger, stronger, stronger

Jonathan Roy – Keeping Me Alive

Hold on to Memories

So now go do the best things in life
Take a bite of this world while you can
Make the most of the rest of your life
Make a ride of this world while you can

And hold on to memories
Hold on to every moment
To keep them alive

Disturbed – Hold on to Memories

Everyday Life

Ubuntu … I am, because we are

‘Cause everyone hurts
Everyone cries
Everyone sees the colour in each other’s eyes
Everyone loves
Everybody gets their hearts ripped out
Got to keep dancing when the lights go out
Gonna keep dancing when the lights go out
Hold tight for everyday life

Coldplay – Everyday Life

Return To Love

Who cares about the past
Who knows about tomorrow
L’amore è adesso …

Andrea Bocelli ft. Ellie Goulding – Return To Love

Sem palavras

De espírito irrequieto e apaixonado …

António Zambujo – Sem Palavras

No silêncio do teu olhar

Sem nenhuma pressa no olhar
apenas calma
um silêncio tão singular, tranquilo
sem a urgência de explicar
na pele e na alma
o que nos faz cantar.

Quinta do Bill ft. Guadi Galego – No Silêncio do Teu Olhar

Western Stars

Happy B-day for the Boss
Thank you for all the great songs you did until now
A fresh one, playing constantly on my days

I wake up in the morning, just glad my boots are on

Bruce Springsteen – Western Stars