To Be Free

Oh, and like a seed
That is flying in the wind
In search of water, soil, and sun
And the birds and the bees
To have it all along

Passenger – To Be Free

Happy End

In honor of all who never gave up

Scott Matthew – Happy End

Conta-me historias

Juntos fomos correndo lado a lado
Juntos fomos sofrendo ter amado
Amas a vida
E eu amo-te a ti

Xutos e Pontapés – Conta-me historias

Where joy hides and how to find it

Each moment of joy is small, but over time, they add up to more than the sum of their parts. And so maybe instead of chasing after happiness, what we should be doing is embracing joy and finding ways to put ourselves in the path of it more often. Deep within us, we all have this impulse to seek out joy in our surroundings. And we have it for a reason. Joy isn’t some superfluous extra. It’s directly connected to our fundamental instinct for survival. On the most basic level, the drive toward joy is the drive toward life.

Time moves slow

To run away is easy
It’s the leaving that’s hard

BadBadNotGood ft. Samuel T. Herring – Time Moves Slow